Glue Chip

Clear Glue Chip Glass is one of the "commodity glasses" in the art glass industry.  It is an essential and widely used product which is used in mass production and custom design work.  The quality of glue chip glass varies greatly, and this is reflected in the price.  The least expensive glue chip is manufactured in China where the quality control is less stringent than that of the USA.  Glue Chip made in the USA is of superior quality, followed by the Chinese Glue Chip.  Our Type A and Type B glue chips are made in China.  The main difference between these two types is that the Type A has a more consistent, defined and clearer pattern.  Type A is also more expensive.

Duncan Patterned Glass - Made in the USA

There are immense variations in pattern consistency and clarity in most patterned glass (glue chip) and, depending upon the manufacturing process, there are also dramatic differences in the way light moves along and through facets of the textured glass.   With Duncan Patterned Glass you can reliably expect the consistency and clarity of their patterns to be the same from sheet to sheet, year to year. 

Another aspect you can count on with Duncan Patterned Glass is the brilliance of the light transmitted, even on a cloudy day.  In an elegant panel design, light should not be sacrificed for obscurity or solar control.  As you further examine the different Duncan patterns, you will see particular areas that should inspire and augment your design ideas.  You may prefer an open pattern and be best served by using Ocean, Tsunami or Cascade. If you need a tighter texture, try Rain, or Seafoam.