Alison Bissicks



Alison, who comes from a family of artists, draws inspiration for her glass artistry from many sources, including the beautiful Rocky Mountains in which she lives, and the many abstract expressionists whose work she admires.

Alison uses many types of glass in her work, some of it very expensive and made by hand only in small quantities.  She chooses the glass for each project with care, hand-cutting the various pieces and arranging them so as to create the images she seeks.  If a wooden frame is needed, Alison makes and finishes that too.  Some creations incorporate stone, metal mesh, glass beads (also made by Alison) and even materials such as old newspapers.  All are unique; a piece, once made, is never duplicated.

Alison's small firm, Brookside Design, offers a complete artistic glass service.  Office, home and personal custom work is available, ranging from large windows and room dividers to clocks and jewelry.  A portfolio of Alison's work, or visits to offices and homes which display it, can be arranged upon request.   Brookside also offers stained glass classes and bead making classes.